HC Deb 18 April 1832 vol 12 cc632-3

Bills brought in. By the LORD ADVOCATE, to settle and describe the Boundaries of Cities, Burghs, and Towns in Scotland, in so far as respects the return of Members to Parliament;—By Mr. MACKINNON, to Con- solidate and Amend several Laws relating to the Cruel Treatment of Cattle:—By Mr. LOCH, to enable Burghs in Scotland to Establish a General System of Police:—By Mr. VERNON SMITH, to Regulate the Office of the Clerk of the Crown in the Court of King's Bench in Ireland:—By Lord TULLAMORE, for holding the Assizes in the King's County in Ireland twice every year.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUME, of the Number of Ships which passed the Sound during the year 1831, distinguishing their respective Nations; of the Number of Loads of Timber imported from the Baltic in each year, from 1827 to 1831, inclusive of the Number of Vessels, with the Amount of Tonnage which cleared out for the Deep Sea Fishery between 1527, and 1831; of the Tonnage of Vessels employed in the Coasting Trade which had entered in or cleared out during the same time; of a Letter from Mr. Hay, dated the 5th of March last, referred to in a Treasury Minute assigning Superannuation to Mr. Justice Stephen; of the Number of Parishes in Ireland, the Tithes of which are received by the Clergy of the Established Church, specifying their Names and Rank, the Amount of Income which each derived from such Parish if under the Composition Act, or, if not under the said Act, the Sum paid on an average of three years, distinguishing whether the Tithes be Rectorial or Vicarial, or if the Income is derived from Land allotted; of the Number of Stamps issued to each of the Newspapers and Advertizing Papers in Scotland in the year 1831; and an Account of the Advertisement Duty paid by each Paper in the same year; of the date of the Commission appointing Commissioners of Inquiry into the Charities of England under 1 and 2 Will. 4th, stating the Names and Emoluments of the Commissioners, and of all Persons attached to their Offices:—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, Report from the King's Proctor to the Lords of the Treasury, dated the 30th June, 1831, on the subject of the Compensation proposed for the Owners of the Ship Almorah, on account of the detention of that Vessel:—On the Motion of Mr. RUTHVEN, of the Number of Sturdy Beggars received into the Workhouse at Cork during the last twenty years; Foundlings remaining in the Establishment on the 1st of March, 1832; Children received from each Parish in the City during the last two years, with the Income, and Expenditure, from what Sources the Revenue is derived, and how the same was Expended; the same Returns for Waterford and Limerick:—On the Motion of Mr. WILKES, Return of all Religious Teachers and Missionaries, who had been Arrested during the present year at Jamaica, with the Charges against them, and all Accounts of Injuries to Places of Worship by Riotous Assemblages in the said Island, and all Proclamations issued thereon, and an Abstract of the Laws now in force as to Churches, Chapels, and other Places of Worship, and relating to the Ministers and Congregations meeting in the same:—On the Motion of Mr. Dixon, Copy of Memorandum entered into between Lord PONSONBY, and the Brazilian Government, dated May, 1829, relating to the Capture and Detention of British Vessels; of the Alienations of Crown Lands in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, respectively, during the last ten years:—On the Motion of Mr. SADLER, of the Number of Burials in Manchester, from the years 1821, to 1830, inclusive, distinguishing each year:—On the Motion of Mr. GODSON, of the Number of Footpaths and Roads stopped up in the Parish of Berkhampstead, between June, and August, 1827.

Petitions presented. By Mr. RUTHVEN, from the Inhabitants of Bangor, in favour of the New System of Education in Ireland:—By Mr. DOMINIC BROWNE, from the Guild of Nailers in Galway, for Equalizing Civil Rights in that Place; and from the Catholics of the Guild of Tanners, Magistrates, and Merchants of Galway of the same Religion, for the Repeal or Modification of the Stamp Duties on the Admission of Freemen to Corporations; and from the Inhabitants of Cong, for the Abolition of Tithes:—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from the Clergy, Gentry, and other Persons, residing in Ashbourne, Ratoath, and other Places, complaining of the Rates of the Tolls on the Roads in the Counties of Dublin and Meath; from the Landed Proprietors and other Rate-payers of the County of Tyrone, complaining of the present System of Tax- ation; by Grand Juries from the Physicians and Surgeons of the County of Down, complaining of the Law for Regulating the Admission of Medical Persons to County Infirmaries in Ireland; from the President and Fellows of King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, for their Rights to be preserved in any Enactments on the subject of Anatomy; from the Corporation of Dover, against the Sewers Bill:—By Mr. MACKINNON, from the Inhabitants of Saffron Walden, and of Inhabitant Householders of Westminster, in favour of the Cruelty to Animals Bill:—By Lord MORPETH, from the Merchants of Leeds, complaining of their Vessels being Captured by the Brazilians:—By Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, from the Inhabitants of Alton, for the Removal of the Punishment of Death for Offences against Property:—By Mr. WILKES, from the Inhabitants of South Lincoln, for the Abolition of Slavery:—By Mr. VERNON SMITH, from the Protestant Dissenters and Inhabitants of Northampton, in favour of the Registration of Births Bill:—By the Earl of BELFAST, from the Minister and Congregation of the Presbyterian Churches of Ballymeney and Randalstown:—By Lord CASTLEREAGH, from Board Mills; and by an HON. MEMBER, from the Presbytery of Aberdeen, against the New System of Education in Ireland.