HC Deb 13 April 1832 vol 12 c464

Bill brought in. By Mr. SHAW, to provide for the better Administration of Justice in the Chancery. Court of Ireland.

Petitions presented. By Mr. SHAW, from the Inhabitants of Anahoe, Cullentra, Dergena, Drumfod, Goland, Lurgacullion, Bockets, Ballynohave, Cranlone, Trillyvannon, Cloghfin, Foremas, Lurganbry, Creagh, Abbey, Strowry, Aghnagar, Altamoshan, and Ballykeele. By Colonel CONOLLY, from the Inhabitants of Derryscollop, Kinery, Tullyrone, Derrylee, Derryene, Derry, Carry, Deryhirk, Ballyreagh, Inishmagh, and East Dereham, against the New System of Education for Ireland:—By Mr. CHARLES TYRRELL, from the Merchants, Shipowners, and Inhabitants of Lowestoft, for the Repeal of the Duty on Hemp; and from the Stoke and Melford Political Unions, against the Friendly Acts Amendment Bill:—By Colonel CONOLLY, from the Inhabitants of Tully, and Aughrish, (Donegal); and by Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the Landholders and Inhabitants of Navan, Crossmoline, Collumbkill, Ballycormick, Templemichael, Kentstown, Ballymagarvey, Tryholland, Shrule-Ardeath, Clonalvey, and Piecetown. By Sir JOHN BOURKE, from the Landowners, and Parishioners of Doneraile, to make the Tithe Composition Act compulsory:—By Mr. Loot, from the Corporation of the Royal Burgh of Tain, to substitute the Magistrates of Burghs instead of Sheriffs as Returning Officers on the Scotch Reform Bill:—By Mr. GODSON, from the Freemen of the Borough of Stafford, against the General Register Bill:—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from the East India Company, against the Claim made by Mr. Bury Hutchinson:—By Lord ACHESON, from the Inhabitants of Meigh, for the Repeal of the Tithe and Vestry Laws (Ireland).