HC Deb 10 April 1832 vol 12 cc192-3

Bills brought in. By Mr. KENYON, for Encouraging and Facilitating the Employment of Labourers in Agriculture.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. BURGE, Copies of all Communications made to the Government by Lord Belmore, relative to the Rebellion in Jamaica, received subsequently to those already presented to the House:—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, of the Sums charged by the Excise under 4 Gm. 4th, cap. 94, for Spirits produced, being short of the Charge by Gravity, of Worts, Attenution, or Charge from the Low Wines in Ireland; and if any, or what part of these Charges remain unpaid, by whom, and Sums by each, at 5th April, 1832; of the Sums, if any remaining unpaid to Excise in Ireland and Scotland, for additional Duties of 2d. and 4d. per Gallon on Spirits, under 1 William 4th, cap. 49, by whom, and Sums by each, at 5th April, 1832:—On the Motion of Mr. James E. GORDON, of the Number of Applications to the Board of Education in Ireland for New Schools on their System, or on behalf of Schools already Established, and the Number of Applications complied with, the Place where situated, the Number of Scholars, &c.:—On the Motion of Mr. SHAW, of any Treasury Minute made in pursuance of 1 William 4th, determining the Remuneration to be made for the renewal of Commissions of the Peace in Ireland; of all Pensions paid to the Officers of the Chancery Court Ireland, the Amount of Stamp Duties called the Chancery Fund, and all Orders and Regulations made for the practice of that Court, from May, 1819, to January, 1832, distinguishing each year:—On the Motion of Mr. LAMBERT, of all Sums received by the Board of First Fruits in Ireland from the Union of St. Mary New Ross, during the last twenty years, distinguishing the Amount received in each year.

Petitions presented. By Mr. LAMBERT, from the Inhabitants of Killigney, Chaple, and Rower:—By Mr. WISE, from the Landholders and Inhabitants of Killsheelan, Killaloan, Tipperary, Killenaule, Borris, Multyfarnham, Leary, Laeken Street, Tacamslaine, Enniscorthy, Templeshannon, Gorey, Kilkevan, Clone, Barony of Forth, Barrow, Ballynaslaney, Edermine, Clonmore, Kilrush, Taghmere, Carnew, Lea, Syddam, Mitchelstown, Killeavey, Ennisworth, and Cruisetown, for the Abolition of Tithes in Ireland:—By Mr. WYSE, from the Inhabitants of Enniscorthy, and Templeshannon, to Suspend the Bill on the Irish Tithes until after the Reform Bills are passed:—By Lord KILLEEN, from the Inhabitants of Dunsany, Killeen, and Waterford, for an increased Number of Representatives for Ireland; and from Carrabrown, for Equalizing Civil Rights in Galway:—By Mr. FYSHE PALMER, from Reading and Leighton Buzzard, in favour of the Factories Bill:—By Lord GEORGE LENNOX, from Wisborough Green, Sussex, for a more equitable mode of Apportioning Labours among the Occupiers of Land; and for Levying a Rate upon those refusing to find Employment for their due proportion of Labourers:—By Mr. CHAPMAN, from Bally-James-Duff, against the New System of Education in Ireland.