HC Deb 09 April 1832 vol 12 cc84-5
Mr. Stanley

moved the Order of the Day for the House resolving itself into a Committee on the Tithes (Ireland) Bill.

Mr. Robinson

, with reference to what had fallen from him on a former occasion respecting a motion of his which had dropped in consequence of there being no House on Thursday, complained that an officer connected with the Government should have come down and prevented a House being formed that day, although there was a sufficient number of Members within the walls to make a House. This, he had considered, could only have been done as a manœuvre either against his Motion, which he had repeatedly deferred to avoid interfering with the Reform Bill, or the Motions of two other hon. Members. He had expressed himself on a former occasion with some warmth, but be did not mean to persevere in the intention he then stated: but if such practice were resorted to hereafter, he should avail himself of every opportunity of showing his disgust and reprobation of it.

Lord Althorp

assured the hon. Member that there had been no intention of evincing a want of courtesy towards him. The real state of the case was, that official business had pressed so much, and there being no question of urgent importance on that day, they had availed themselves of a custom which was by no means uncommon, without any intention of acting uncourteously to any Member.