HC Deb 30 September 1831 vol 7 c879
Sir John Newport

presented a Petition complaining of the parochial rates in St. George's parish, Dublin, exacted from the parishioners. In some cases, the arrears of rates had been demanded for twenty-two years, though the landlord had not occupied his house, and had not received any notice that these rates were due. In other cases, the parish authorities had actually pulled down a house, and sold the materials to pay the rates. The system pursued was monstrous, and the charges levied on those parishioners were of such a nature that he thought the petition had a right to the best attention of the House.

Mr. O'Connell

supported the prayer of the petition. He would submit that this case should be laid before the law officers of the Crown, in order that they should take it into their consideration, whether the trustees for the building of a church in St. George's ought not to be proceeded against.

Mr. Crampton

admitted that he thought there had been a gross misapplication of money in that parish, and there should be an inquiry made into it immediately.

Petition to be printed.

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