HC Deb 28 September 1831 vol 7 c710

Bills. Read a first time; Sale of Beer. Read a second time; Whiteboy Offences; Arms (Ireland.) Read a third time; Court of Law Fees; Embankment (Ireland); Inclosure Acts Titles.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. ROBERT GORDON, an account of such Pensioners on the Civil List of Great Britain and Ireland, and on the Four and a-half per Cent Duties, as may have signified their intentions of declining to receive their Pensions in future; and an account of the number of Pensions which have ceased by the Death of the Possessors during the present year:—On the Motion of Mr. WILKS, of all Persons in the Commission of the Peace in England and Wales, distinguishing Clergymen from others.

Petitions presented. By Mr. WILKS, from George Lister, Esq., of Stamford, against the appointment of so many Clergymen to the Commission of the Peace. By Mr. FOLEY, from Broomsgrove in Worcestershire, against the Beer Act. By Sir RICHARD MUSGRAVE, from the Fishermen of Hensick, near Dungarvon, complaining of their Trade being injured by the Regulations of the Commissioners of Inland Navigation. By Sir GEORGE MURRAY, from Ross-shire, against the Scotch Reform Bill, By Mr. HORATIO Ross, from Forfar, to the same effect. By Mr. JOHN BROWNE, from the County of Mayo, for the addition of two Members to the Representation of the County. By Mr. PROTHEROE, seven from Bristol, against the Select Vestry system, and for a reduction of the Taxes on the Machinery of Knowledge. By Mr. LEADER, from Kilkenny, in favour of the carrying on Public Works in Ireland. By Mr. WRIGHTSON, from the Owner of the Ship Delf, of Ipswich, against the Quarantine regulations. By Mr. SANFORD, from the Diocess of Bath and Wells, against the Sale of Beer Act; from the Rate-payers of the Hundred of Wells, Somerset, for a Commutation of Tithes. By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from Navan Meath, in favour of the Election by Ballot; from the same Parish, complaining of the burthen of the Parish Cess, and from the Inhabitants of the Town of Dunshaughlin, praying that the Irish Yeomanry might be disembodied. By Mr. JAMES, from the Finsbury Division of the National Union, against all prosecutions for religious opinions; from the same Individual, against the Game-laws; for the abolition of all restrictions on the Press, and for the Repeal of the Corn Laws.