HC Deb 19 September 1831 vol 7 c140
Mr. Stuart Wortley

wished to put a question with respect to the administration of justice in the Settlements of Malacca, Prince Edward's Island, and Sincapore. The Recorder of those Settlements had refused to prosecute his Colonial duties, in consequence of some dispute which existed between that officer and the Governor. The consequence was, that the commerce of those settlements suffered seriously, and he wished to know what steps had been taken to provide a competent and satisfactory tribunal for those settlements.

Mr. Charles Grant

said, that the losses alluded to by the hon. Member, were not occasioned by the absence of the Recorder. The Recorder was recalled in 1829, and it was only recently that the case had been closed for the consideration of the Privy Council.

Mr. Cutlar Fergusson

asked, whether these settlements were to be deprived of the benefit of an English Judge?

Mr. Charles Grant

said, it was thought better to retain the old charter for the present, as the whole question must, ere long, come under the consideration of Parliament.

Mr. Hume

wished to have an account of the Sincapore Establishment.