HC Deb 07 September 1831 vol 6 c1216

New Member. Mr. JONES took his seat for Carmarthen Borough.

Bills. Read a third time and passed; Clare County Presentments; Commissioners of Accounts (Ireland); Turnpike Tolls Regulation.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, all Moneys paid to Sir George Fitzgerald Hill during the last six years of his holding the office of Vice-Treasurer of Ireland; Copies of the Accounts furnished by him of the Moneys received during the same period; Copies of the Expenses disbursed by him during that time, together with all the Vouchers for the same, and also a Copy of the Warrant granting a Pension to the Wife of the said Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, now the Governor of St. Vincent's, together with the proceedings had upon such Warrant.

Petitions presented. By Mr. SHAW, from the Protestant Freemen of Galway, for equalizing Civil Rights in that place. By Lord KILLEEN, from Journeymen Bakers of Kavan for an Act to prohibit their Employment in the Night. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Inhabitants of Killarney, for the abolition of Slavery; from the Catholics of Rolls-town, and Oldtown, Tubid, Tullihurton, and Whitchurch, against any further Grant to the Kildare Street Society; from the Inhabitant Householders of Southwark, against any alteration in the Beer Act; from the Inhabitants of Raheen, for the Repeal of the Union. By Sir FRANCIS BURDETT, from the Inhabitant Householders of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, against the Select Vestries Act. By Mr. HUNT, from 300 Inhabitants of the Metropolis, for Relief to the Rev. Robert Taylor. By Lord MORPETH, from the Parishes of Burnsall, and Kerby Malhamdale, for the Commutation of Death for Offences against property. By Mr. LABOUCHERE, from the Owners of Omnibusses, against the Mileage duty.