HC Deb 06 September 1831 vol 6 c1189

Bill brought in. To appoint Commissioners for inquiring into Charities.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WOOD, the quantity of Malt Spirits distilled in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, distinguishing each, from October, 1823, to October, 1850; and of the quantities exported to Ireland and England, and of the quantity of Jersey and Guernsey Spirits imported during the year 1830.

Petitions presented. By Mr. LEADER, from the Inhabitants of Clare and its vicinity, praying for the introduction of Poor Laws into Ireland, and that the Property of Absentees should be doubly assessed; and from the Catholic Inhabitants of Ballyelough, and the Clergy and Laity of the tame persuasion, of Newmarket (Cork), against any further Grant to the Kildare Street Society; by Mr. H. Ross, from the Merchants and Shipowners of Montrose, against the Quarantine duty; by Mr. JAMES, from certain Inhabitants of the Metropolis, for a remission of the Sentence passed on the Rev. Robert Taylor; by Mr. DIXON, from the Glasgow Reform Association, praying that the progress of the English Reform Bill may be hastened; by Mr. GROSVENOR, from the Millers of Chester, against the Importation of Foreign Flour.