HC Deb 05 September 1831 vol 6 cc1131-2

Bills committed. Commissioners of Accounts, Ireland; Clare County Presentments. Read a third time and passed; Hackney Coaches.

On the Motion of Lord ALTHORP, a Committee was appointed to inquire into the effects of the Drawback allowed on Malt.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUDSON, the number and tonnage of British and Foreign Vessels cleared out and inwards, from the Ports of the United Kingdom and Colonies during the year 1830; the Official and declared Values of the Imports and Exports to all parts of the world from the United Kingdom and the Colonies, and of all Foreign Wines on which a Drawback had been allowed on Exportation, during the same time.

Petitions presented. By Colonel EVANS, from Persons in Manchester, complaining of the Modifications which had been made in the Reform Bill; by Mr. BRISCOE, from Benjamin Wills, Secretary of the Labourer's Friend Society, praying that the power of the Parochial Authorities to hire land to the amount of fifty acres for the Employment of the Poor of the Parish might be extended; from Inhabit- ants of the Metropolis and its vicinity, complaining of the sentence passed upon the Rev. Robert Taylor, and praying the House to address his Majesty to liberate him from confinement. By Mr. FOLEY, from the Maltsters of Dudley, against the use of Molasses in distillation. By Mr. O'FERRALL, from the united Parishes of Allen and Miltown, Castle Carbery, Dunfierth and Arble, and five other Parishes; and by Mr. HUME, from the Catholic Clergy and Laity of the districts of Myross and Castlehaven, against the Grant to the Kildare Street Society. By Mr. O'FERRALL, from the Directors of the Patriotic Insurance Company (Ireland), for the Repeal of the duty on Insurances. By Mr. CHAMPTON, from several Individuals in Dublin, against the Dublin Election. By Mr. STEWART, from West-India Planters residing in Liverpool, against the Sugar Refining Bill. By Colonel CLEMENTS, from Kilmore, Leitrim, in favour of the Grant to the Kildare Street Society. By Mr. HUME, from the Householders of Marylebone, against the Self-elected Vestry, over which the Inhabitants at large have no control. By Mr. BRISCOE, from 250 Inhabitants of the Metropolis in favour of the Rev. Robert Taylor; by Mr. HUNT, from Persons assembled at the Rotunda, Blackfriars-road, for the Liberation of those Imprisoned for selling cheap Publications in the Streets. By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from Wharfingers in the City of London, and from Merchants and Shipowners interested in the Navigation of the River Thames, in favour of the Bill for the regulation of Steam-boats. By Mr. HUME, from the Members of the Parochial Reform Union, Clerkenwell, to expedite the progress of the Reform Bill.