HC Deb 01 September 1831 vol 6 c981

On the Motion for the House going into Committee on the Reform Bill,

Mr. Keith Douglas

said, that he heard it reported that the noble Lord intended to abandon the proposed increase of duty on Cape Wines. He hoped the report was true, as the wine-growers at the Cape would be ruined by the imposition of higher duties, and great injury would accrue to a particular class who were the consumers of such kinds of Wines. He was moreover quite certain, that the Exchequer would receive no benefit; he, therefore, begged to know if the noble Lord had really abandoned this impolitic impost?

Lord Althorp

was still of opinion that it would be wise to increase the duties, but as he found there was a difference of opinion on the subject, it was not his intention to propose any increased duty on Cape Wines in his Bill. He meant to separate the question of the equalization of the duties of French and Portuguese Wines from the question concerning Cape Wines. Although the measure was postponed for the present, he trusted that, whatever Government might be in office, would adopt the plan of so increasing them in the year 1834, as proposed in the present Resolutions.

Mr. George Robinson

requested the noble Lord to inform him when he intended to bring forward these questions.

Lord Althorp

said, he intended to proceed without delay with respect to French and Portuguese Wines, and with respect to Cape Wines he should proceed as soon as convenient.