HC Deb 01 September 1831 vol 6 c1017
Mr. Bernal

brought up the Report of the Committee of Supply.

On the question that the Resolution be agreed to,

Mr. James

protested against the gran of 50,000l. for the expenses of the Corot nation. He thought, that in the present impoverished state of the country, it was a shameful waste of the public money to vote so large a sum. He thought, that 5,0001. was amply sufficient. Our difficulties were so great at the present moment, that we could not venture to go to war, however we might be insulted by foreign Powers, because Government knew, that the first shot which might be fired against England would be the signal for wiping out the National Debt. Under such circumstances, it became us to husband our resources in time of peace.

Resolutions agreed to.