HC Deb 18 October 1831 vol 8 c890

Bills brought in. By Mr. SADLER, to better the condition of the Labouring Poor. Read a third time and passed; Crown Lands; Inclosure. (Standing Older suspended).

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Colonel EVANS, of the Vessels employed and belonging to the Port of Rye from the years 1820, to 1830, respectively:—On the Motion of Lord KILLEEN, of the number of Newspaper Stamps issued for the year ending the 5th of October, 1831:—On the Motion of Colonel Sibthorp, the number of Persons convicted of the crimes of Horse and Sheep stealing, and the Sentences passed upon them throughout England and Wales, from the year 1826, up to the latest period, and of the number of Steam Vessels belonging to Government with their Tonnage, and the power of their Machinery.

Petitions presented. By Mr. SADLER, from Joseph Alday, now confined in Birmingham, against the Law of Libel, and from the Corporation of Galway, for equalizing Civil Rights in that place; from the Overseers of Spinning Mills at Dundee, for the extension of Cotton Apprentices Bill to Scotland; from the Landed Proprietors and Inhabitants of the Island of Freenish, complaining of the Reduction of the duty on Barilla, and from the Rector and Inhabitants of Satwell, for the abolition of Slavery:—By Mr. HODSON, from the Shipowners of Barnstaple against the Tax on Marine Insurances:—By Colonel TORRENS, from Inhabitants of London and Westminster, for a revision of the Corn Laws. For Reform. By Lord KILLEEN, from Screen and Rath:—By Mr. HUME, from the Chairman of a Meeting at Paisley; from Merchants at London, complaining of Vessels being captured by the Brazilian Squadron, in 1826 and 1827; from the Inhabitant Householders of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for the abolition of the Church Establishment in Ireland, the discontinuance of the Grant to the Kildare Street Society, and the continuance of that to Maynooth; from the Members of the Clerkenwell Reform Union, for the Repeal of the Duties on Newspapers, Pamphlets, &c., and from the Tithe-payers of the Parish of Knockbreda, for the abolition of Tithes:—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from the Committees of the Clare and General Dispensary of the Barony of Gallen, for an Amendment of the Act 50th George 3rd; from the Foreman of the Clare Grand Jury, praying, that the Act 4th George 4th, for Repair of Roads, be renewed; from the Magistrates, Clergy, and Landholders of the Barony of Meycallen, for the reduction of the duty on Barilla; from the Chairman of a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Dublin, for the introduction of Poor Laws into Ireland; from the Inhabitants of Stockport, against the proposed plan for enabling Parishes to mortgage their rates to furnish the means of Emigration; from the Free Burgesses of Liverpool, against the Liverpool Franchise Bill; from the Chamber of Commerce, Galway, for a provision in the Irish Reform Bill to preserve the peculiar Franchise of that place; from the Members of the Doagh Reform Committee, complaining of the Expenditure and Tolls of certain Turnpike Roads:—By Mr. HUME, from Owen Davies, complaining of his arrest for vending Berthold's Political Handkerchief, and praying for an alteration of the Law:—By Mr. ROBINSON, from Inhabitants of Blockhouse, Worcester, for an alteration of the Sale of Beer Bill; and by Mr. HENRY WILLIAMS, from the Freeholders and other persons, Owners of Real Property at Darlington, Gainsford, West Auckland, Heighington, and Harworth, against the General Registry Bill.