HC Deb 13 October 1831 vol 8 c692

New Writ ordered. On the Motion of Lord JOHN RUSSELL for Cambridgeshire, in the room of Lord FRANCIS GODOLPHIN OSBORNE, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Petitions presented. For disbanding the Irish Yeomanry Corps. By Mr. LAMBERT, from the Inhabitants of Killegney and Chapel Rosdroit and Templescoby. By Mr. WALKER, from Inhabitants of Baintown, Ferns, Kilmuckridge, Mayglass, Ballymore, Killinick, Shathmen, Wexford County and Wexford Town. By Mr. GRATTAN, from Kildalkin. By Mr. WALKER, from the Inhabitants of Lady's Island, Cairn, and St. Margaret's, against any further Grant to the Kildare Street Society. By Mr. LITTLETON, for some provision in the Beer Bill for the better observance of the Sabbath, from the Inhabitants of Bury St. Edmond's, Newcastle-under-Lyne, the Stafford-shire Potteries, and from the Inhabitants of the Metropolis and its Vicinity. By Mr. WILKS, from the Friendly Societies of Birmingham, for the amendment of the Friendly Societies Act. By Mr. HOLMES, from the Corporation of Anstruther Wester, against the Clause in the Scotch Reform Bill for disfranchising the Fife Boroughs; from the Farmers and Occupiers of Land in Pulhill, South Stafford, to extend the right of Voting to all Occupiers of Land at the same rate of Qualification as Occupiers of Houses, and from the Magistrates and Landed Proprietors of Wigtown against the use of Molasses in Breweries. By Lord CAVENDISH, from the Freeholders of Stokesly against the General Registry Bill. By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the Inhabitants of Kildalkey, for the amendment of the Law relating to Roman Catholic Marriages. By Mr. HUME, from the Retailers of Beer of Wolver-hampton, Bilston, and their Vicinities against the Sale of Beer Bill. By Mr. SPRING RICE, from the Corporation of Galway, that the right of Election by resident Freemen of that place, admitted since the 1st March, 1831, may be preserved; from the 50l. Freeholders and 10l. Householders of the County of the Town of Galway, to provide that the peculiar Franchise of Galway may remain in the resident Merchants. Tradesmen, and Artizans; and from the Town and Corporation of Galway to preserve the Elective Franchise to Catholics in that Town on an equality with Protestants.