HC Deb 05 October 1831 vol 8 c1

Bills. Read a third time; White Boy Offences. Committed; Arms (Ireland); Labourers' House Rent; Hospitals Registration (Ireland).

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, of the quantity of Guernsey and Jersey Spirits imported into London since the 5th July, 1831:—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the Expenses of the Bankruptcy Courts about to be formed; and of the number and particulars of Petitions presented to the House of Commons.

Petitions presented. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Raheen, for disbanding the Yeomanry (Ireland); from the Magisirates, Burgesses, and Protestant Freemen of Galway, to extend the Franchise of that place to the residents, without distinction of Religion; from the Catholic Inhabitants of St. Mary, Youghall, for the abolition of Tithes; from the Inhabitants of Cappoquin and Castlederwent, and Jewellers of Dublin, for the Repeal of the Union; from certain Individuals, against the present system of Insurance Companies. By Mr. R. GORDON, from the Minister, Churchwardens and Inhabitants of the Parish of Cannington, for a Repeal of the Beer Act. By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from the Mayor, Magistrates, Clergy, and other Inhabitants of Coleraine (Ireland), praying the continuance of the Grant to the Kildare Street Society.