HC Deb 30 March 1831 vol 3 cc1174-5

In answer to a question from Sir J. Shelley, relative to a new arrangement for the delivery of letters in particular parts of the town,

Lord Althorp

said, that the subject had been taken into consideration by his noble friend, the Postmaster-general. The first proposition which had been made to him he had declined, because it would be beneficial to the rich, and not to the poor. His noble friend had, however, taken a radius of three miles circuit, which included Belgrave-square, Lambeth, and Bethnal-green, comprising a much larger portion of the metropolis than the plan at first suggested. He intended to extend the limits of the Twopenny Post to the whole circumference of that circuit. The expense would be 25,000l. a year, but he thought it a very proper expense. The arrangement would take place on the 5th of April next.