HC Deb 30 March 1831 vol 3 cc1170-1

New writs. On the Motion of Lord ALTHORP, were issued for the Queen's County, in the room of Sir H. PARNELL, who had accepted the Office of Secretary at War; and for the Borough of Launceston, in the room of Sir WILLOUGHBY Gordon, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. And on the Motion of Mr. SPRING Rice, for Malton, in the room of Sir JAS. SCARLETT, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

On the Motion of Lord ALTHORP, it was ordered that the House at its rising do Adjourn till April 12th.

Bills. Dean Forest Boundaries read a second time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Lord ALTHORP, the Salaries and Allowances heretofore paid out of the Civil List in England, but which it is proposed to charge upon the Consolidated Fund:— On the Motion of Lord Nugent, from the Vestrymen, Churchwardens, Overseers, and Governors of the Poor, of the Parish of St. James, Westminster, an account of all Monies received from the Commissioners of his Majesty's Woods and Forests, in respect of deficiency on the Poors' Rates, arising from Houses and Buildings shut up, taken down, or used by authority of the Act 53 Geo. 3rd, e. 121; specifying the Sums received in each respective Year; also the situation of each House and Building, with the rental for which the same was Assessed for the relief of the Poor, stating the Pound rate in each Year; and all Monies paid by the said Vestrymen, Churchwardens, Overseers, and Governors of the Poor, to his Majesty's Commissioners of Woods and Forests, tinder and in Pursuance of the 43rd Section of Act 53 Geo. 3rd; specifying the times at which such Payments were made; also, if the whole of such Sums were paid from the Surplus Rates, as directed by such Section, and, if otherwise, by what authority such other Monies were paid to the said Commissioners:—On the Motion of Mr. WILKS, the number of Houses Assessed to the Inhabited House Duty at and above 10l. and upwards in the Tower Hamlets, including the Parishes in the Tower Division of Ossulston Hundred, Middlesex; also, in Finsbury, including the Parishes of the Finsbury Division in Ossulston Hundred, Middlesex, and the Parishes of St. Andrew, Holborn, and St. George the Martyr, and St. Giles in the Fields, and St. George, Bloomsbury, and the Liberties of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and Ely Rents, all in Middlesex; also, in Mary-le-bone, including the Parishes of St. Mary-le-bone, St. Pancras, and Paddington, Middlesex; and also, in Lambeth, including the Parishes of St. Mary, Lambeth, St. Mary, Newington, Bermondsey, and Rotherhithe, Surrey; distinguishing in each division the number of Houses Assessed from 10l. to 19l. inclusive, and from 20l. to 30l. inclusive, and from 31l. to 39l. inclusive, and at 40l. and upwards; and the Receipts of the Pilgrimage Tax at Juggernaut, and of the Disbursements thereof, since 1805; and also, Copies of any Correspondence which has taken place respecting the said Tax between the Court of Directors of the East India Company and the Government of Bengal, and also, between that Government and their subordinate Officers, since the Papers which were presented to Parliament in 1813; and Copies of the Correspondence (so far as can be conveniently given) between the Court of Directors and the authorities in India thereon; also of the number of Persons employed in and about the Metropolitan Police on each quarter day during the Year 1830, and at the present time; distinguishing their respective grades, and specifying the number of Men in each grade, their Pay, and Allowances:— On the Motion of Vis- count LOWTHER, from the Population returns of 1821, the Population of the following places. —Brighthelmstone, Parish of Brighthelmstone, Sussex — Bolton-le-Moor, Townships of Great and Little Bolton, Lancashire — Blackburn, Parish of Blackburn, Lancashire —Bradford, Parish of Bradford, Yorkshire —Cheltenham, town of Cheltenham, Gloucester —Dudley, Parishes of St. Edmund and St. Thomas Dudley, Worcestershire —Frome, Town of Frome, Somerset —Gateshead, Parish of Gateshead, Durham —Huddersfield, Parish of Huddersfield, Yorkshire —Kidderminster, Town of Kidderminster, Worcestershire — Kendal, Town of Kendal, Westmorland — Macclesfield, town of Macclesfield, Cheshire —Stockport, Town of Stockport, Lancashire —South Shields, the Town of South Shields, Township of Westoe, County of Durham —Tynemouth, Parish of Tynemouth, Township of North Shields, Northumberland —Warrington, Town of Warrington, Lancashire —Whitehaven, Town of White-haven, Town and Parish of Workington, Parish of Harrington, Cumberland —Walsall, Borough and Foreign of Walsall; distinguishing the numbers in respect of the Borough, and of the Parishes and Townships or Hamlets in each place; also, the Amount of Law expenses, with the Salaries of the Solicitors of Taxes, or their Clerks, and the charges for business done in respect of Taxes, in the King's Remembrancer's Office, or other Departments in the Exchequer in England and Scotland, for the Year ending 5th January, 1831, distinguishing the Amount of charges under each head in each Kingdom: — On the Motion of Mr. HUGHES HUGHES, the Charges and Expenses paid or incurred by his Majesty's Commissioners for Building new Churches, between 25th March, 1830 and 25th March, 1831: —On the Motion of Mr. BULLER, the Number of Gallons (Imperial measure) of Foreign Brandy entered for Home consumption in Great Britain, the rate of Duty affecting the same, and the entire Nett produce of the Duty, each Year, since 1780; the Number of Gallons (Imperial measure) of Geneva entered for Home consumption in Great Britain, the rate of Duty affecting the same, and the entire Nett produce of the Duty, each Year, since 1780; similar accounts of the Brandy and Geneva entered for Home consumption in Ireland, the rates of Duty affecting each, and the entire Nett produce of the Duties in each year, since 1800.

Petitions presented. In favour of Reform, by Mr. BAYNTUN, from East Shilton, Leicestershire:— By Mr. RUTHVEN, from Bainbridge: —By Mr. LEADER, from Galway: —And from the Members of the Irish Bar connected with Connaught:—By Lord MORPRTH, from Ottey, Stansfield, Haworth, and Dewsbury:— By Mr. WARD, from Guildford:—By Viscount DUNCANNON, from Inhabitants of St. Patrick, Kilkenny; and from the High Sheriff and Grand Jurors of the County of Kilkenny: By Viscount PALMERSTON, from Diss, and Romney Infra, and Romney Extra. Against Reform, by Mr. MONTEITH, from the Incorporated Trades of Lanark. By Lord MORPETH, from the Managers of the Sheffield Savings' Bank, for an alteration of the Savings' Banks Acts; from the Worsted Spinners of Halifax, against the Cotton Factories Bill; and from Freeholders in York, against the Registry of Deeds Bill: — By Lord LOWTHER, to the same effect, from White-haven; and from Kirby Kendal, against the Punishment of Death for Violations of the Right of Property. By Col. SIBTHORP, from the Owners of Steam Vessels Navigating between Lincoln and Boston, against the proposed Tax on Steam Vessels. By Mr. LITTLETON, for the Repeal of the Duty on Boracic Acid, from Workmen in the Staffordshire Potteries. Against the Grants to the Kildare Street Society, by Mr. DOMINICK BROWNE, from Parishes in Sligo:—By Mr. LEADER, from the Catholics of Kilkenny:—By Mr. WYSE, from the Catholic Clergy of Kilmacthomas. For the Repeal of the Union, by Mr. M'NAMARA, from Kilfeenaghty. Against the Truck System, from Newcastle under Lyne, by Mr. MILLER. By Lord LEVESON GOWER, from Sir Abraham Bradley King, to have his case taken into consideration.