HC Deb 28 March 1831 vol 3 cc1085-6

The Committee appointed to try the validity of the Election of the Member for the Forfar district of Burghs reported, that the Lord Advocate was not duly elected, and that Mr. Ogilvie was.—Return amended. Mr. OGILVIE took the Oaths and his Seat.

The Committee upon the Liverpool Election Petition reported, that W. Ewart, Esq. was not duly elected at the last election of a Burgess to serve in Parliament for the Town and Borough of Liverpool, and that the said Election was null and void. The Committee further reported, "That it appeared to the Committee that gross bribery and treating had prevailed during the last election for the Borough of Liverpool."

A new Writ was ordered for Winchilsea, in the room of the Hon. HENRY DUNDAS, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Bills read a second time. The Sea Apprentices Settlement, and the Annual Indemnity. The Land-Tax Double Assessment Amendment, read a first time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. GUEST, of all Dividends received upon Rentes placed in deposit with the British and French Commissioners under the Convention, No. 7, of 20th November, 1815, and with the British Commissioners under the Convention of 25th April, 1818; stating the dates of such receipts, and an account of all Rentes purchased with such dividends, from the period at which the return to the House of Commons, dated June 29th, 1821 (No. 728) ends, down to 26th July, 1826; also, of all sums of Money remitted by such Commissioners to England during the same period, and the rates of exchange at which, and the times when, such remittances were made, and an account of all sums invested in British public securities during that period, with the dates of such investments, the rates at which the same are invested, and all dividends received thereon:—On the Motion of Sir MATTHEW WHITE RIDLEY, of the number of Merchant Seamen who are now in Greenwich Hospital; distinguishing those that have served, and those that have not served in his Majesty's Navy; of the number of Children of Merchant-Seamen in the School at Greenwich Hospital:—On the Motion of Lord KILLEEN, of all Monies expended by the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, out of the annual rents or ordinary income of the Crown Land Revenues for redemption of Land-tax, charged on the possessions of the Crown, from the time the whole capital stock, appropriated for redemption of land-tax was disposed of for other purposes, according to Act 5th Geo. IV., c. 48, down to the time of making the return; of the amount of Land-tax redeemed on the site of Carlton House and Gardens, since their relinquishment by his late Majesty, for the purpose of granting building leases thereon, and of the rents in lieu of land-tax reserved from, or otherwise claimed or proposed to be charged by the Commissioners upon the tenants who have built, or may build, on that site; shewing also, how much of the amount of land-tax redeemed is charged, or proposed to be charged, on the parts not intended to be let for building:—On the Motion of Sir ROBERT INGLIS, shewing the amount of Monies which would have been applicable to his Majesty's Civil Government in England, if the hereditary and temporary revenues of the Crown, enjoyed by his Majesty King George 2nd, had been enjoyed by his Majesty King George 3rd, from 25th October, 1760, to 29th January, 1820; and by his Majesty King George 4th, from 29th January, 1820, to 26th June, 1830; distinguishing each year, and distinguishing also, the hereditary and temporary revenues of the Crown respectively; shewing also, first, the amount of the annuity received by their late Majesties in lieu of those revenues; secondly, the amount of Monies granted by Parliament for the discharge of the Civil List Debt, during the same period; and, thirdly, the difference to the public upon the balance of the said account, so far as the same can be ascertained i such account being in reference to the account marked 'Appendix C.' to the Report of the Select Committee upon the Civil List, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 16th June, 1815, No. 401; and also, in reference to No. 18 of [III.] Civil List, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 12th November, 1830, No. 22.)

Petitions presented For the Abolition of Slavery, by Mr. A'COURT, from Knareaborough:—By Sir F. BLARE, from Baptists at Arnwood, and twenty-five other bodies of Dissenters:—By Lord MORPETH, seventy-six, from different places in Yorkshire:—By Lord STANLEY, 160, from different places in Lancashire:—By Mr. HUMS, seventy-eight, chiefly from Middlesex, and some from Scotland. Against the Register of Deeds Bill, by Mr. A'COURT, from Southwell:—By Sir M. W. RIDLEY, from Solicitors at Newcastle and Gateshead, and from the Chamber of Commerce, Newcastle. For Reform, by Mr. FARRAND, (and praying that the East-Riding of Yorkshire might be considered):—By Mr. A. DUNCOMBE, from the Corporation of East Retfotd:—By Lord STANLEY, from various places in Lancashire:—By Mr. HUME, from the Bath Political Association:—By Mr. HOBHOUSE, from St. James and St. John's the Evangelist, Westminster:—By Sir J. SEBRIGHT, from the County of Hertford. Against Reform, by Sir R. INGLIS, from the western parts of London:—By Mr. MALCOLM, from Boston:—By Mr. ORD, from Morpeth. Against the Tax on Cotton Wool, by Sir W. RAE, from Cotton Manufacturers of Glasgow:—By Lord STANLEY, from Bury, Lancashire. By Lord KILLEEN, from Hacketstown, against Grants to the Kildare-street Society; from Navan, complaining of Distress, and for the Repeal of the Subletting Act:—By Mr. GRATTAN, a similar Petition, from Bray. By Mr. DENISON, from Market Gardeners at Battersea, to be Exempted from the Metropolis Police Act; from St. Mary's, Newington, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duties, and for a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes; and from Occupiers of Land in Stoke next Guildford, for a Commutation of Tithes. For the Repeal of the Malt Duty, by Sir JOHN OWEN, from Pembroke. Against the Liability of Landlords' Bill, by Mr. GUEST, from Merthyr Tidvil. Against the Abolition of the Coal Meters Establishment, Dublin, by Mr. SHAW, from Dublin:—By Mr. G. DAWSON, from the Corporation of Dublin, and from the Coal Meters of Dublin. By Sir M. S. STEWART, from Planters and Merchants at Glasgow, connected with the West Indies, praying for Compensation; and from the Procurators at Greenock, for the Repeal of the Duties on Certificates. By Mr. COOPER, from Sligo, for the Repeal of the Acts which restrict the circulation of Small Notes. By Mr. P. H. HOWARD, from Helensburgh, against the proposed Tax on Steam Boats. By Sir M. W. RIDLEY, from the Merchant-Seamen of Newcastle, against the Contribution to Greenwich Hospital. By Mr. WESTERN, from St. Paul's, Walden, for Reform, Commutation of Tithes, and the Repeal of the Assessed Taxes. By Sir J. BOURKE, from Barna, for an Alteration of the Galway Franchise. By Mr. S. RICE, from Skibbereen, for equalizing the Duties on East and West-India Sugar. By Mr. SYKES, from Cottingham, complaining of Distress.