HC Deb 23 March 1831 vol 3 c842

On the Motion that the Chairman do leave the Chair,

Sir H. Hardinge

expressed a hope, that the First Lord of the Admiralty would not bring on the Navy Estimates on that evening.

As the House was about to resume,

Sir J. Graham

said, that although he had given notice of his intention to bring forward the Navy Estimates this day, in consideration of the present state of the House he should abstain from so doing, and meant therefore to postpone the Motion until Friday, when he was sorry he should be constrained to interfere with the Scotch Reform Bill, which stood for that day. The Navy Estimates, however, must take precedence of all other business before the House, as the present supplies would not suffice for more than six or seven days longer.

Sir H. Hardinge

requested, that the chief Secretary would give notice of his intention to explain the details of the Irish Reform Bill to-morrow, on bringing in the Bill, in order that the members for Ireland who were not aware of the day fixed, might be in attendance to hear his promised explanation.

Mr. Stanley

said, he had supposed, that the notice which had been already given to that effect must have had sufficient publicity, but in compliance with the suggestion of the gallant Officer, he would not hesitate to repeat it.

The House resumed.

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