HC Deb 22 March 1831 vol 3 c702

Bills. Colonial Trade, read a third time. Money Payment of Wages divided in Committee into two Bills, Money Payments Acts Repeal Bill, and Money Payment of Wages Bill.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. RUTHVEN, information filed in the Court of Exchequer (Ireland), during the last three years, for the recovery of Penalties under the Excise Laws, specifying the nature of the offence, and proceedings, and the cost, with the names of the parties., and dates of the informations.

Petitions presented. By Mr. J. SMITH, from Westport, complaining of Distress, and asking Relief. Against the Tax on Steam-Boats, by Mr. PRINGLE, from the Merchants and Shipowners of Port Glasgow. By Mr. CALCRAFT, from Protestant Dissenters at Wareham, against the Pilgrim Tax and Idolatrous practices in India. Against Slavery, by Viscount BELGRAVE, from Dissenters of various places in Cheshire. For Reform of Parliament, by Mr. J. SMITH, from Bognor, and another place in Sussex:— By Mr. Alderman WAITHMAN, from the parish of St. Sepulchre; from Bread-street Ward; from the parish of St. Bride; from the parishes of Bloomsbury and St. Giles, signed by nearly 3,000 persons; and from Greenwich:— By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Wards of Aldgate, Farringdon, Walbrook, Cheap, and Billingsgate, and from South Shields:—By Mr. C. DUNDAS, from Berkshire, and the Borough of Newbury:—By Mr. F. PALMER, from Reading:—By Lord STANLEY, from Warrington, Stock-port, Blackburn, and other places in Lancashire:—By Mr. SANDFORD, from Chard, Wellington, Glastonbury, Frome, and other places in Somersetshire:—By Lord EBRINGTON, from Bethnal-green, signed by 7,000 persons; from Plymouth, East Stonehouse, Devonport, Ashbourn, and other places:—By Sir H. HOWARD, from Worthing:—By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from Andover, Monmouth, and Worcester:—By Mr. HUNT, from Newtown, Lancashire, Whitchurch, Hampshire, and from Eldersley:—By Mr. H. JOHNSTONE, from Wigton:—By Mr. J. JOHNSTONE, from Sterling and Dunfermling:—By Lord NORREYS, from Henley-upon-Thames:—By Viscount BELGRAVE, from Stockport. Against Reform, by Mr. W. PEEL, from Norwich:—By Lord VILLIERS, from Rochester:—By Mr. W. WARD, from Merchants and Bankers of London:—By Mr. WEYLAND, from Hindon:—By Mr. Alderman WINCHESTER, from Maidstone.