HC Deb 21 March 1831 vol 3 c598

The Report of the Civil List Committee was laid on the Table.

Sir R. HERON brought up the Report of the Colchester Election Committee, which declared the election of A. SPOTTISWOODE, Esq. for that Borough null and void; and on the Motion of the hon. Baronet, a new Writ was ordered to issue for the election of a Member to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Colchester.

Petitions presented. In favour of Reform, by Mr. KENNEDY, signed by 31,020 residents of Edinburgh:—By Mr. TRAILL, several from Glasgow, Ayr, Selkirk, Kircudbright, and various Incorporations and Societies in Scotland:— By Mr. Alderman WINCHESTER, from the Ward of Vintry, and from Maidstone, also hoping that the interests of that place might be protected:—By Mr. SLANEY, from Shrewsbury: — By Mr. J. STEWART, from Cowbridge and Meath:—By Lord J. RUSSELL, from Southwark, St. Ives, (Huntingdon), Woburn, Leighton Buzzard, Lymington, and Wigan:—By Sir H. BUNBURY, from Woodbridge: By Sir W. FOLKES, from the Inhabitants of the Hundreds of Forehoe, Launditch, Blofield, South Erpingham, Shropham and Guiltcross, Norfolk:—By Mr. M'NAMARA, from the County of Clare:—By Lord Viscount NEWARK, from Burgesses and others of East Retford and Bassetlaw: —By Lord MORPETH, from Halifax, signed by 15,000 persons, Bristol, Easingwold, Doncaster, the Minister and Freeholders of the Chapel of Horbury, the inhabitants of Pateley Bridge, Howden, Morley, Wakefield, Keighley, and Carlisle:—By Mr. BOOVERIE, from the Householders of St. Martin's-in-the Fields, Westminster:—By Mr. MABERLY, from Abingdon:—By Mr. DENISON, from Surrey, signed by 2,000 persons, Bermondsey, Clapham, Croydon and its vicinity, Kingston-upon-Thames, Wimbledon, Godalming, Christ Church, Surrey, and Fareham: —By Sir R. PRICE, from Hereford county:—By Sir J. D. KING, from Bridgewater:—By Sir R. HERON, from Epworth:—By Mr. WHITBREAD, from Ledbury and Bedford:—By Mr. F. Buxton, from Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, signed by 600 persons:—By Lord ALTHORP, from Manchester, Birmingham, Worcester county, and Derby: — By Mr. MILDMAY, from the parishes of St. Maurice and St. Mary Kalendar, and St. Peter, Colebrook, Winchester. Against the Plan, by Captain HARRIS, from Grimsby:— By Mr. FRESHFIELD, from Penryhn:—By Sir R. PEEL, from the Magistrates, Clergy, and Freeholders of Cambridge, and the Isle of Ely:—By Mr. URE, from. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis:—By Sir C. WHTHEBELL, from Great Yarmouth and Plympton Earle. For Indemnity in case of Negro Emancipation, by Sir R. PEEL, from persons interested in the West Indies, resident in Edinburgh. Against any Alteration of the Timber Duties, by Colonel CAVENDISH, from Cardiff. For the Repeal of the Union (Ireland), by Mr. MACNAMARA, from Kilfarboy, Glynn, and Carrah; for the extension of the Galway Franchise, from Justices of Peace in Galway.