HC Deb 19 March 1831 vol 3 cc578-9

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Sir R. INGLIS, the Expenses paid by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, relative to the following Disfranchisement Bills; viz. Aylesbury, in the year 1804; Helleston, in the years 1813, 1814, 1815, and 1816; Barnstaple, in the year 1819; Penryn, in the year 1819, and in the years 1827 and 1828; and Grampound, in the years 1820 and 1821; distinguishing the several years; the Expenses paid by the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, on account of all Select Committees of the House of Commons, and Committees of the whole House, since the end of the year 1800; distinguishing the expenses under separate heads, of each Committee, and in each year; the total Expenses incurred in Building, Repairing, Fitting, and Furnishing the several Gaols and Houses of Correction in England and Wales, since the year 1800; distinguishing such several Gaols and Houses of Correction.

Petitions presented. In favour of the Ministerial plan of Reform, by Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Wards of Cornhill, Cripplegate Without, Aldgate, and Aldersgate: —By Colonel ABERCROMBY, from Alloa:—By Sir GEORGE ROBINSON, from Northampton:—By Mr. BUCK, from Exeter:—By General PALMER, four from the Parishes of Bath:—By Sir M. S. STEWART, three from Greenock:— By Mr. P. STEWART, from the Town of Lancaster:—By Mr. HUNT, from Stayley-bridge, Lancashire:—By Lord EBRINGTON, from the County of Devon, assembled in Shire Hall, and from several Parishes of the Eastern part of Devonshire:—By Mr. HUME, eighty-nine from England and Scotland:—By Mr. WEBB, from Gloucester:—By Mr. R. SMITH, from Chcsham and Newton-Pagnell: — By Mr. PENDARVIS, from Falmouth, Penzanee, Truro, St. Mawes, Egleshall, and another Town in Cornwall:—By Sir W. INGILBY, from Stamford, and from three places in Lincolnshire:—By Mr. DELL, from the County of Northumberland:—By Mr. 11. GRANT, from 7,000 Inhabitants of Norwich, being full one-half of the male adult population of that City:—By Mr. CURTEIS, from Hastings and Ringmer:—By Mr. STANLEY, from Maryborough and Clithero:—By Mr. BENKTT, from the Town of War-minster, and from the City of Salisbury; the latter Petition being signed by five or six of the Clergy:—By Captain WEMYS, from Cupar:—By Mr. LANGSTONE, from the City of Oxford:—By Sir A. DALRMPLE, from Hadding-ton:—By Sir G. STAUNTON, from Havant:—By Sir J. WROTTESLEY, from Stafford: — By Mr. CARTER, from Fareham, and from Portsmouth:—By Mr. MUNDY, from Chesterfield, six placet in Derbyshire, and one in Leices- tershire:—By the LORD ADVOCATE, forty from Scotland one-third of which were from Corporate Bodies, already in the possession of a franchise monopoly:—By Mr. GUEST, from Brecknock:—By Mr. GROSVENOR, from the Mayor and Corporation of the oldest Town in the Empire, the City of Chester—being an answer to all the ravings of an hon. Member, as to that plan's being a corporation robbery:—By Mr. WISE, from Thurles:—By Sir JOHN BOURKE, from the County of the Town of Galway:— By Mr. KENNEDY, from Ayr, and fourteen other places in Scotland:—By Mr. WARBURTON, from Stockport, praying, in addition, that as the Town contained a population of 50,000 souls, it might possess the privilege of sending two Representatives to the Reformed Parliament; though the Petitioners did not wish that their claims should embarrass the progress of the present Reform Bill:—By Sir W. HEATHCOTE:, from the Town of Gosport:——By Sir J. JOHNSTONE, from S75 of the Inhabitants of Scarborough: —By Lord MORPHTH, from Barnsley, Saddleworth, Selby, and another Town in Yorkshire:—By Colonel CAVENDISH, from the Mayor and Corporation of Derby:—By Mr. R. GORDON, from Crieklade, Highworth, and Swin-don:—By Mr. HOBHOUSE, from the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden:—By Mr. WRIGHTSON, from Kingston-upon-Hull:—By Lord J. RUSSELL, from Thornhill:—By Mr. GISBORNE, from New Mills, and neighbouring places, in the County of Derby:—By Mr. J. FOLEY, from Droit-wich:—By Lord STANLEY, from Ashton-under-Line, Chorley, and Rochdale:—By Mr. BYNG, from Uxbridge and from Whitechapel:—By Sir J I. GRAHAM, from Oldham, (praying also for the Vote by Ballot) Birmingham, Leith, Cumberland, Maryport, Whitehaven, Cockermouth, and a place near Edinburgh:—By Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from Ashford:—By Mr. ELLICE, from Thorne, in Yorkshire: — By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from the members of the English Bar, signed by nearly 400 persons, including twenty King's Counsel and Serjeants-at-law; including persons entertaining a variety of political opinions, and they expressed their full conviction, that the measure tended to the stability of the Crown, the security of property, and the welfare of the community; and from Bishop Auckland:— By Mr. SANDFORD, from Yeovil, Shepton-Mallet, and four other places in Somersetshire. From the Royal Burgh of Dunbar, two places in Fife, and one in Northumberland, by Sir R. FERGUSON:—from four places in Gloucestershire, by Sir W. GUISE:—from Lynn, in Norfolk, by Lord G. BENTINCK:—from Taunton, by Mr. LABOUCHERE:—from Oldham, and three other parishes in Lancashire, by Mr. J. WOOD:—from Boston, by Mr. WILKS:—from three places in the East Riding of Yorkshire, by Mr. SYKES. Against the Reform Bill, by Mr. BERNAL, from the Mayor and Corporation 8f Rochester: — By Mr. MILLER, from Newcastle-under-Lyne. By Colonel ROCHFORT, from Westmeath, for an Abolition of Capital Punishment in eases of mere offences against Property:—By the LORD ADVOCATE, a similar Petition, from the Chamber of Commerce, Edinburgh. By Mr. BYNG, from Clerkenwell, against Building a second new Church in that Parish. By Sir J. BOURKE, from Ballina-hill (Galway), complaining of Distress, and imploring Relief; from the Chamber of Commerce, against reducing the Duty cm Barilla; and from Rahoon, against further Grants to the Kildare-street Society. Against any alteration of the Timber Duties, by Lord EBRINGTON, from Bideford. Against Slavery, by Mr. WILKS, from Dissenters at Boston, Louth, and Wareham (and from Ware-ham for the Abolition of the Pilgrim Tax in India): — By Mr. WYSE, from Wesleyans of Cork: — By Sir J. JOHN-STONE, from Rilstonc and Conistone:—By Mr. CURTRIS, from Dissenters at Brighton:—By Mr. LINLEY, from Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon. In favour of the Vote by Ballot, by Mr. HUNT, from Padsham, Lancashire, Flushing, Cornwall, from Denny, from the Milrow Co-operative Society. By the same hon. Member, from various Associations, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duty on Newspapers; from a place in Carmarthen, against the Tithes; and from the Working Butchers of Taunton, against the Tax on Horses. By Mr. J. WOOD, from Chorley, against the Truck System; and from Haughton-le-Kerne, for a Modification of the Tithe Laws. By Mr. SYKES, from Beverley, for the Repeal of the Assessed Taxes. For extending the Franchise of Galway to Roman Catholics, by Sir R. INGLIS, from the Protestants of Oran More. By Mr. BURTON, from the Burgesses and others of Beverley, against the Reform Bill; and from the Inhabitants of Beverley, against the General Registry Act. By Mr. EVANS, from certain persons licensed to sell Beer under the new Act, against the Corporation and Magistrates of Leicester, who had refused to allow them to continue their trade, unless they took out their freedom. They complained of the Magistrates exercising a species of espionnage over them.