HC Deb 16 March 1831 vol 3 cc486-7
Mr. F. Lewis

moved for leave to bring in a Bill to alter and amend the Laws affecting the importation and sale of Coals in London, and the districts adjoining.

Mr. Bell

took that opportunity to ask the noble Lord (Althorp), whether it was his intention to make any distinction between the duty laid on the exportation of small and large coal?

Lord Althorp

replied, that it was the intention of Government to propose a duty of 2s. on small coal, and of 3s. 6d. on large coal.

Sir J. Newport

wished the hon. Gentleman would make his Bill general, so that the people might receive all the advantages intended for them by the late repeal of the coal duties.

Mr. F. Lewis

must decline acceding to the right hon. Baronet's wishes; what he had undertaken was quite enough for an unsupported individual like himself to perform; and were he to extend his Bill, in conformity to the suggestion of the right hon. Baronet, he should only mar his own object.

Mr. Hunt

hoped, that no compensation would be given to the meters, who were parties to the most dishonest transactions; and he trusted that they were now to be got rid of.

Leave given.