HC Deb 14 March 1831 vol 3 c401

The Committee on the Londonderry (City) Election Petition reported, that Sir Robert Alexander Fergusson, the sitting Member, was not duly returned. A new Writ was accordingly ordered for the City of Londonderry.

Bills. Canada Lands, and Canadian Revalues, read a second time. For appointing Commissioners to continue the Inquiries concerning Charities; and for the Recovery of Charitable Funds read a first time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. POULETT THOMSON, the foreign Salt imported into Great Britain and Ireland, in the years 1829 and 1830; stating the quantity and quality, and from what Countries exported.

Petitions presented. For Parliamentary Reform, by Sir A. HOPE, from Linlithgowshire:—By Mr. C. CALVERT, from the Parochial Society of St. George the Martyr:—By Sir J. MACDONALD, from Havant:—By Colonel LYGON, from Dudley:—By Mr. JOHN DUNDAS, from Richmond (Yorkshire):—By Mr. CURTEIS, from several Parishes in Sussex:—By Mr. M. A. TAYLOR, from Sunderland, signed by 5,000 persons:—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from Edinburgh, Perth Cupar, Montrose, Glasgow, Dundee, and from several other places in Scotland:—By Mr. JOHNSTONE, three from Dunfermline, and two from Linlithgow:—By Mr. R. GRANT, from two places in Norfolk, and from Cupar:—By Mr. LESTER, from Poole: — By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from Nottingham, signed by 10,000 persons:—By Mr. BEAUMONT, from Wells, in Somersetshire; from three places in Northumberland; and from North Shields:—By Sir A. GRANT, from Alpington and Yelvenden. For the Abolition of the Corn Laws, by Colonel BAILLIE, from the Bristol Political Union; and from the Chamber of Commerce, for the Repeal of the Duties on Calicoes, and for the Reduction of the Duties on Sugar. Against the Evesham Disfranchisement Bill, by Colonel LYGON, from the Burgesses of Evesham. For the Repeal of the Union, by Mr. D. BROWNE, from Headford. For Amending the Law of Scotland as to buying Grain, by the LORD ADVOCATE, from the Merchants and Farmers of Kincardine, and from several other parts of Scotland; also, against the. Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter, from the Chamber of Commerce for Forfarshire, and from the Merchants of Dundee; for the Repeal of the Stamp Duties on Pro-curators Certificates, from the Procurators of Perthshire and Kincardine; and against the Tax on Steam Boats, from the Tay Steam Packet Company. For the Abolition of the Duties on Sugar, by Sir R. BATESON, from Carrickfergus and Lisburne; and for the Abolition of Tithes, from Tamlaght Finlagan. Against any alteration of the Timber Duties, by Lord W. POWLETT, from the Shipowners of Sunderland and South Shields. Against the Duty on Soap, by General GASCOYNE, from the Soap Manufacturers of Liverpool; for the Repeal of the Disabilities to which the Jews are liable, by Mr. R. GRANT, from Portsea.