HC Deb 14 March 1831 vol 3 c430

On the Motion of Mr. Poulett Thomson, the House went into a Committee upon the Colonial Trade Bill.

Mr. Poulett Thomson

moved a Resolution, to the effect that the several duties, temporary and additional, named in the schedule submitted to the Committee, be imposed upon the articles therein specified.

Mr. George Robinson

objected to the arrangement by which these duties were to be subject to modification at successive epochs, and proposed an amendment, that the scale of duties should be fixed and permanent from the date of the Bill, instead of being only temporary, as the right hon. the Vice-president of the Board of Trade had proposed.

Mr. Hume

wished to know when the right hon. Gentleman opposite intended to bring the whole subject of the timber duties before the House for discussion, as he and others were determined to protest against the entire measure, and the principle of protection upon which it was founded?

Mr. P. Thomson

said, that the scale of duties adopted was nearly the same as had been fixed upon in 1825, but of the effects of which there had not been an opportunity of forming any judgment, as their operation had been suspended by the Orders in Council. He wished the protection afforded by the proposed scale to be gradually withdrawn, so that it might be terminated in the year 1834. He considered that there would be, in the mean time, sufficient opportunity to estimate their expediency, upon which their re-enactment must depend, and if that should be found impolitic, to enable the parties interested gradually to change the employment of their capital.

Mr. George Robinson

consented, at the suggestion of Mr. Hume, to take the sense of the House on his amendment at a future stage.—Amendment withdrawn.

Resolution agreed to—the House resumed.