HC Deb 09 March 1831 vol 3 cc325-6

On the motion of Lord J. Russell, that leave be given to bring in a similar Bill for Amending the Representation of Ireland,

Mr. Ruthven

said, he approved of the principle of the Bill, but he thought that Ireland should, to preserve its situation with respect to England, have an addition of thirty-two Members instead of three.

Mr. Leader

knew, that the proposed measure was approved of in Ireland.

Mr. Wyse

was of opinion, as population was the principle of the Bill, that Ireland ought to receive an increase of Members.

Mr. Alexander Dawson

believed, that the Bill would give satisfaction to all parties in Ireland.

Mr. Cutlar Ferguson

took the opportu- nity of asking, if any alteration was to be made in the disqualification of the sons of Scotch Peers?

The Lord Advocate

replied, that a clause would remove that disqualification.

Leave given, and Bill ordered to be brought in by the same praties as the other Bills, substituting the Solicitor General of Ireland for the Lord Advocate.