HC Deb 08 March 1831 vol 3 cc180-1

Bills. The Mutiny Bill read a third time and passed. The Calico Duties' Repeal Bill went through a Committee. The Post Roads Acts (Ireland) Amendment Bill read a first time.

A new Writ, on the Motion of Mr. S. RICE, was ordered for the City of Chester, in the room of the Hon. Robert Grosvenor, who had vacated his seat, by sitting and voting without taking the Oaths; and a Bill to relieve the Hon. Robert Grosvenor from certain penalties incurred by sitting and voting in the House of Commons, without having conformed to the laws in such case made and provided, was read a second time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, copies of Despatches from the Governor of Nova Scotia, dated 17th January, 1831, inclosing an Address of the Council and Assembly of Nova Scotia, praying that the discriminating Duties on foreign Timber imported into Great Britain, may not be withdrawn; from the Governor of Lower Canada dated 8th January, 1831, inclosing a Memorial from certain gentlemen engaged in the Timber trade in Lower Canada, praying that no alteration be made in the Duties on Timber; also, of a Memorial to the Board of Trade, by the Merchants of Quebec, respecting the Timber Duties:—On the Motion of Lord Viscount MAHON, of the number of Stamps issued for Newspapers, for the year 1830; distinguishing the London from the Provincial Newspapers, and distinguishing the different Newspapers, and the amount of Duty received from each; of the several Sums paid to the different Newspapers, for the year 1830, for Proclamations, Advertisements, and notices of every kind.