HC Deb 01 March 1831 vol 2 c1060

P. C. CROMPTON, Esq. took the Oaths and his Scat for Saltash.

Bills. The Marine Mutiny Bill was read a first time. The Army Mutiny Bill was read a second time. The Consolidated Fund Bill, the Transfer of Aids Bill, and the Pensions Duties Bill, were read a third time and passed.

Petitions presented. By General PHIPPS, from the Shipowners of Scarborough, against Foreign Competition. By Mr. ABERCROMBY, from Alloa, against any alteration in the Timber Duties. In favour of Reform, by Mr. TYNTE, from Bridgewater:—By Mr. D. W. HARVEY, from Colchester:—By Lord ALTHORP, from Blackburn, Lancashire. By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Bakers of London, for prohibiting the importation of foreign baked Bread and Biscuit. By Mr. O' CONNELL, from Alexander Jacob, expressing contrition, and praying to be liberated. By Mr. BRISCOE, from the Parish of St. Mary, Barnes, against the New Police; from the Farmers of Godalming and its neighbourhood, for the Repeal of the Malt Duties; and from Clergymen and others, at Guildford, praying for a General Fast.