HC Deb 30 June 1831 vol 4 c499

Bills brought in. By Mr. ELLICE, to amend the Laws relative to Came. Read a second time; the Canadian Revenue; the Bankruptcy Act Amendment; and the Patent Grants (Ireland). Read a third time; the Buckingham House Garden Wall Bill.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HUNT, from James Hurley, for the Abolishment of the Yeomanry (Ireland); for Universal Suffrage, Annual Parliaments, and Vote by Ballot, from Macclesfield, and the Inhabitants of Cropper Street, Manchester; against the Reform Bill, from the Deputies of the Working Classes, Manchester. By Mr. CHAPMAN, from Mullingar, for Reform. By Mr. LEFROT, from Trinity College, Dublin, to assimilate the Elective Franchise to the English Universities; and from the Guild of Merchants of Dublin, against Reform, and against the Abolishment of the Coal Meters Establishment. By Mr. EWART, from Millers of Liverpool, against the importation of American Flour. By Mr. G. DAMSON, from Sir A. B. King, praying compensation for the loss of his Office. By the LORD ADVOCATE of Scotland, in favour of Reform, from Inhabitants of Kenmore Dale, and eleven other places; and from the Edinburgh Farmer's Society, to amend the Corn Laws; from several Congregations in Scotland, for the Abolishment of Slavery; from James Innes, complaining of delays in the Court of Chancery; from Tenants in the parish of Bute, to amend the Law of Entails; from Joseph Ranson, for a drawback on Glass, for the Retailer; and from Land Owners and Occupiers in Berks, for a commutation of Tithes. By Mr. W. RUSSELL, from Ship Owners and Merchants of Sunderland, for a Repeal of the Marine Insurance Duties; and from Stockton, Norton and Billingham, for a Representative