HC Deb 22 June 1831 vol 4 c239
Sir W. W. Wynn

presented a Petition from the county of Denbigh, in favour of Parliamentary Reform, which the petitioners considered essential to the safety of the Realm; also a petition from Llanwrst, praying, that in the event of Parliamentary Reform, their town might be contributory to the borough of Denbigh.

Mr. Alderman Waithman

supported the prayer of the petition, and said, that the feeling in favour of Reform was so strong in the county of Denbigh, that the hon. Baronet had been obliged to pledge himself to the support of the Bill, and was only re-elected after having given a pledge to that effect. He was happy to congratulate the hon. Baronet on his accession to the cause of the people.

Sir W. W. Wynn

said, he had given no such pledge as that to which the hon. Alderman alluded. He had always been a friend to moderate Reform, but he had proved by his votes in that House, that although there were some parts of the Reform Bill to which he was favourable, yet that there were others to which he was decidedly opposed. He could assure the hon. Alderman that he would never submit to give any pledge as to the course he might pursue on any public measure.

Petitions to lie on the Table.