HC Deb 21 June 1831 vol 4 cc168-9
Lord Althorp

said, that it would be necessary on this occasion to limit the time for the introduction of Private Bills; and, in doing so, he proposed to follow the precedent of 1807. In conformity with that precedent, he should move that no petition for a private bill be received after the 27th day of June.

Mr. Alderman Wood

said, it was well known that many private bills had been almost carried through Parliament in the last Session, when they were stopped by the dissolution. Now he begged to know from the noble Lord, whether it was intended that those bills should be recommenced, and the parties charged with the expenses of going through with them over again from the beginning, for this would be a very great hardship?

Lord Althorp

replied, that it was intended to follow the precedent of 1807 in all respects. The forms of the House would render it necessary that the Bills alluded to by the worthy Alderman should be carried through all their stages again, but the parties would not have to pay the expense of those stages over again, all the expenses which had been incurred in the former proceedings would be allowed to the parties concerned.

Motion agreed to, as were all the Sessional Orders.