HC Deb 26 July 1831 vol 5 c387

On the Motion that the Committee be deferred,

Mr. Robert Gordon

thought the Bill was an excellent one, and could not conceive why it was delayed for the convenience of some unknown individual.

Colonel Sibthorp

was the individual, and would sit there and watch the noble Lord and his Bill as a cat watched a mouse, and if some specific day was not appointed to discuss it, he would divide the House upon every clause.

Lord Althorp

said, his hon. friend had received his answer, but he would further assure him, that he would use every exertion to carry the Bill through the House this Session. He thought the hon. member for Lincoln would have full opportunity for discussing it in its progress through the Committee.

An Hon. Member

observed, that several hon. Gentlemen had objections to particular portions of the Bill, and intended to oppose it.

Committee deferred.