HC Deb 19 July 1831 vol 5 cc34-5
Lord John Russell

requested his hon. friend (Mr. Benett), who had some Resolutions to move on the Representation of the borough of Liverpool, to postpone his Motion, in order to allow the Reform Bill to go early into Committee.

Mr. Benett

said, it would be exceedingly painful for him to delay the important question of Reform, but he felt himself to be placed in rather an awkward position, and he wished to be protected from the charge, that he had not pushed his motion forward in a sufficiently determined manner. He had been accused, not only by a portion of the public press, but also by the hon. member for Preston in that House, of not being in earnest in the intention which he had expressed of bringing the question forward. He did, however, assure the House, that he most sincerely desired to make the motion of which he had given notice, and nothing should prevent him from doing so, but the want of physical strength. He, therefore, did entreat the noble Lord to allow him precedence on that day week; so that he might have an opportunity of bringing his motion forward. He should now postpone his motion on the Representation of the borough of Liverpool, with the understanding that no writ would be issued for that borough until his Motion had been heard.