HC Deb 18 July 1831 vol 4 cc1437-8
Mr. Spring Rice

said, 104,300l. was required, for printing Acts and Reports in both Houses of Parliament. There had been a considerable reduction in this account.

Mr. Hunt

said, there was a great waste of the public money in printing memorials relative to certain boroughs, with large numbers of names attached.

Mr. R. Gordon

said, the Ministry had reduced the amount in the expenditure of the Stationery office 5,000l. or 6,000l., and that was greatly to their credit.

Mr. Hume

was satisfied that an unnecessary expense was incurred for printing. He could affirm this from the papers which came under his own inspection; and he believed considerable savings could be made, if they had better accounts made out.

Mr. Spring Rice

said, that considerable expense might be avoided, if more judgment was exercised in moving the printing of papers. The document alluded to by the hon. member for Preston, was of such importance as to justify the expense of printing it.

Mr. D. W. Harvey

was quite satisfied the expenses of printing might be considerably reduced, by engaging an active printer, with an adequate salary, to superintend an establishment which the House ought to have belonging to itself.

Sir M. W. Ridley

observed, an unnecessary expense was often incurred by printing papers several times over. The same returns were often moved for by hon. Gentlemen, and each was printed. This caused much additional trouble to the persons who had the making them out, as well as an increased expense.

Vote agreed to.