HC Deb 18 July 1831 vol 4 c1394

New Writs moved for; by Lord KILLEEN, for the County of Meath, in the room of Sir Marcus Somerville, Bart, deceased. By Mr. PRINGLE, for Peebles, in the room of Sir George Montgomery, Bart. deceased.

New Members. Sir It. RAWLINSON VYVYAN, Okchampton; JAMES BROUGHAM, Esq., Winchelsea; J. HEYWOOD HAWKINS, Esq., Tavistock; HENRY FREDERICK STEPHENSON, Esq., Westbury.

Bills brought in. By Mr. SPRING RICE, to provide the Queen with Dower, if she survive the King. By Mr. MOORE O'FERRALL, to Embank Rivers in Ireland.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. MULLINS, the number of Freemen created in each Town in Ireland, sending Members to Parliament, from the 1st of April to the 28th of July, in the present Year, distinguishing those who were entitled to their Freedom as of Right.

Petitions presented. By Mr. ADEANE, from Royston, against the use of Molasses in Distilleries. By Mr. SADLER, from the Cotton Weavers of Haslingden, complaining of Distress, and praying for a protecting duty on the Exportation of Cotton Yarn; from W. Parker, of West Passage, Ireland, for the Home Employment of able-bodied Poor, in preference to Emigration; and from the Protestant Inhabitants of Shivel, to extend the Elective Franchise to Catholics, Galway. By Mr. C. W. WYNN, from the Freeholders and Occupiers of Lands, County Caernarvon, that the Right of Voting may be extended to them, at the same Rate of Qualification as Householders. By Mr. BENETT, from Inhabitants of Chippenham, against Reform. By Mr. COURTENAY, from Ship Owners Trailing to the Cape of Good Hope, against any Increase in the Duty on Cape Wines. By Mr. MORS O'FERRALL, in favour of the Embankment of Rivers Bill, (Ireland); from Proprietors and Land Owners of Street, of Granard of Killucan, and the Barony of Farbill.