HC Deb 18 July 1831 vol 4 c1396
Mr. Evans

presented a petition from the inhabitants of Leicester, for the repeal of the Corn-laws, which the petitioners characterized as productive of distress to the artizans and working classes, and, consequently, very injurious to the trade and commerce of the empire. In this opinion he fully concurred.

Mr. Wynn Ellis

supported the prayer of the petition, in conformity to the wishes of his constituents: at a more convenient opportunity, which he hoped would shortly be afforded, he should offer his opinion of the impolicy of these laws.

Sir F. Burdett

said, that as the petitioners had requested him to support the prayer of this petition, he would state, that he considered the existing system of Corn-laws to be as disadvantageous to the landlords as they were to the people at large.

The petition to be printed.