HC Deb 13 July 1831 vol 4 cc1187-8
Mr. Mount

presented a Petition from the Isle of Wight, for the right of returning two Members under the Reform Bill, in the prayer of which he heartily concurred.

Mr. Hughes Hughes

expressed his concurrence in the prayer of the petition. He thought that giving one Member only to the Isle of Wight would be a source of great inconvenience, as it would give rise to much political animosity when party feelings ran high, and the opinions of men were much divided. Sending two Members would allow for compromise, and each party would think itself represented in having sent a man speaking its own sentiments. But if only one man was to represent both parties, bitter contests and lasting enmities would be created, which it would be most advisable to prevent. The Isle of Wight, at present, sent four Members to Parliament, and two of them, at least, ought to be allowed to remain.

Mr. Hudson Gurney

hoped, that whenever a fair claim could be made out, on the part of any borough, the House would be disposed to receive it favourably. At the same time, it could not be denied that many of the small boroughs were in the hands of individuals.

Petition to lie on the Table.