HC Deb 08 July 1831 vol 4 c954

New Writs moved; for Milborne Port, in the room of RICHARD LALER SHEIL, Esq., who had made his Election for the County of Louth; for Cashel, in the room of MATTHEW PENNEFATHER, Esq. who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds; for the County of Roscommon, in the room or OWEN O'CONNOR, Esq. deceased; for Okeampton, in the room of W. H. TRANT, Esq. who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds; for Winchilsea, in the room of S. LUSHINGTON, Esq. who had made his Election for Ilchester; and for Westbury, in the room of H. HANMER, Esq. who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HOBHOUSE, from the Parish Officers of St. James, Westminster, for an account of Monies received from the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, for deficiencies in the Poor-rates, arising from Houses and Buildings taken down or shut up by Authority of the Act 53 George, 3rd Cap. 121, specifying the amounts paid in each year, the particulars of the Buildings, and the amount of the Assessment for the rate, and of all Monies paid to the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, on the same account:—On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WOOD, for the quantities of Foreign Corn of all kinds Imported for Consumption, and that had paid duty, under 9 George 4th, Cap. 60, from 1828 to 1st July 1831, and the same account of the produce of British Possessions out of Europe:— On the Motion of Mr.JEPHSON, for an account of all Receipts and Disbursements on Light Houses (Ireland), from 5th January 1813, to 5th January, 1831:—On the Motion of Mr. GRATTAN, of the number of Freeholders, distinguishing 50l. 20l. and 10l., registered in Ireland, up to 1st May, 1831; and of a Report made, relating to the Navigation of the River Shannon:—On the Motion of Mr. HODGES, for the amount of Poor and County Rates levied and expended in each Parish, for the year ending the 25th of March, 1831; and for an account of Select Vestries formed under the Act 59 George 3rd, Cap. 12. On the Motion of Mr. S. Rice, for an account of the Assessed Taxes levied in each of the years 1828, 1829, and 1830 on the places mentioned in Schedule C of the Reform Bill; similar accounts for places in Schedule B. Petitions presented. By Sir R. FERGUSON, from Roman Catholic Freemen of the City of Londonderry to be relieved from taking the Oath of Allegiance, previous to Voting at Elections. By Mr. EWART, from the Shipowners of Liverpool, and Merchants and Ship-owners of Londonderry, to Repeal the Duties on Marine Insurances. By Mr. LABOUCHERE, from Taunton, for Representatives. By Lord LOWTHER, from the Inhabitants of Brighton, to return two Members conjointly with Cockermouth. By Sir G. CLERK, from the Scotch Distillers, against any alteration in the Distillery Laws.