HC Deb 06 July 1831 vol 4 cc919-20

There voted on the Second Reading of the Reform Bill, July 6, 1831,

For the reading 367
Tellers 2
Paired off 9 —378
Against 232
Tellers 2
Paired off 9 —243
Total 621
There were absent 24
Double Returns 8
No Return 1
Deceased 3
The Speaker 1
Total of the House 658

The following is an ANALYSIS of the MINORITY, showing how it was composed in reference to places to be disfranchised.

Members for English Counties 6
Welsh Countries 2
English Towns not materially affected by the Bill 17
Welsh Towns' 2
English Universities 4
Total of English and Welsh Members not having a direct interest in voting against the Bill 31
English close Boroughs to be opened by the Bill 25
Weymouth and Schedule B 58
Schedule A 77
Total English Members having a direct interest, &c 160
Total English and Welsh Members 191
Scotch Counties, the Representation of which is to be taken from the present paper voters, and given to the inhabitants 16
Scotch Boroughs to he opened 4
Total Scotch 20
Irish Counties 18
Irish University 1
Irish close Boroughs to be opened 13
Total Irish 32
Total Minority, Tellers, and Paired-off 243