HC Deb 05 July 1831 vol 4 c724

Bills read a first time; to Amend the Act for regulating the Receipt and Appropriation of Fees; Assessed Taxes Composition and Continuance; and Militia Ballot Suspension.

Returns ordered; on the Motion of Mr. RUTHVEN, the Number and Tonnage of the Ships and Vessels that have entered inwards, or cleared outwards, into or from the Ports of Newry and Dundalk respectively, during each of the last ten years:—On the Motion of Lord KILLEEN; the number and description of Arms registered at the several Quarter Sessions in each and every County in Ire-land, from 1st January, l828, to 1st January, 1831; distinguishing each year.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HUNT, from Inhabitants of Llanafan, Vawr, Llanwethan, and several other places in the County of Brecon, for an alteration of the Tithe Laws; and from Inhabitants of Lees, for Universal Suffrage. Annual Parliaments, and Vote by Ballot. By Mr. CALVERT, from Inhabitant Householders of Christ Church, Surrey, praying to be allowed to Vote for Members with Southwark. By Mr. CAPEL, from resident Freemen of Queenborough, praying not to be disfranchised. By Mr. HODGSON, from A. Potter, and other Inhabitants of Manchester, against the 10l. Clause in the Reform Bill. By an Hon. MEMBER from the Inhabitants of Ross (Hereford), to Establish Poor-Laws in Ireland. By Sit M. W. RIDLEY, from the non-resident Burgesses of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, against the proposed measure of Reform; and from the Tile Makers of Kingston upon-Hull, for the Repeal of the Duty on Tiles. By Mr. SCOTT, from the Burgesses of Lauder, in favour of the 10th Clause of the Reform Bill, and that the Elective Franchise may extend to them.