HC Deb 05 July 1831 vol 4 c795

The Dean Forest Boundaries' Bill was reported, and ordered to be re-committed.

Lord Viscount Duncannon

moved, as an instruction to the Committee, that they have power to make provision for the payment of a salary to all of the Commissioners, and for the expense of carrying the present Act into execution, out of revenues arising from the property of the Crown.

Mr. Goulburn

said, it appeared to him, that this Resolution should be moved in a Committee of the whole House, and not as an instruction to the Committee on the Bill. He did not object to the proposition, but to the mode in which it was brought forward.

Mr. Hume

thought this motion should not be disposed of without further consideration; as Mr. Speaker was present, perhaps he would state whether he thought this could be added to the Bill as an ordinary clause, or whether it must be a Resolution of a Committee of the whole House.

The Speaker

said, if the provision was to be made out of the Consolidated Fund, there could be no doubt that it ought to be brought before the whole House, but as it was an expenditure for guarding the Crown Revenue, payable out of the fund arising from the Crown Revenue, he thought it might be moved as an instruction to the Committee.

Mr. Hume

was not aware there was any difference between the fund arising from Crown property, and the Consolidated Fund, except in name.

The Speaker

was afraid the hon. Member had misunderstood him. The Consolidated Fund was applicable to general purposes, but here an issue was directed out of a particular fund for the preservation of particular property.

Motion agreed to.—Bill committed.— House resumed,