HC Deb 23 February 1831 vol 2 c913

Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams Bulkeley took his Scat for Beaumaris.

Bills. The Irish Elections Bill, the Coal Duties Bill, the Canine Madness Bill, the Consolidated Fund Bill, and the Pensions Duties Bill, were read a second time.

Petitions presented. By Sir E. KNATCHBULL against the Malt Duties, from various Parishes in Kent. For Parliamentary Reform, by Mr. BORRODAILE, from Newcastle-under-Line:—By Sir M. W. RIDLEY, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne:—By Mr. CARTER, from Portsmouth:—By Mr. BEAUMONT, from Alnwick:—By Mr. SANDFORD, from various places in Somerset and Wilts:—By Sir J. MACKINTOSH, from the Weavers of Glasgow; from the Counties of Elgin and Moray, and from Fortrose. By Sir M. W. RIDLEY, from persons in Galway, interested in the Kelp Trade, against any reduction of the Duty on Barilla. For the Abolition of slavery, by Sir J. ASTLEY, from Pewsey and other places in Wiltshire:—By Sir J. MACKINTOSH, from Crieff and Keranay, and from the Dissenters of the three denominations. Against the Repeal of the Coal Duties, by Mr. SANDFORD, from the Proprietors and Lessees of the Somersetshire Coal Canal Navigation Company. For the Commutation of Tithes, by the same hon. Member, from South Brent, Somersetshire. By Mr. HODSON, from the Seamen of Sunderland, against contributing 6d. per month for Greenwich Hospital. By O'GORMAN MAHON, from the Button Makers of Dublin, for a Repeal of the Union.

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