HC Deb 22 February 1831 vol 2 c912

Mr. Guest, pursuant to his notice for this evening, moved "That there be laid before this House a Return of all Persons holding Place or Office, whether Civil or Military, in which no service, or service merely nominal, is performed; stating with each name the annual amount of profits or emoluments, and the sources from whence the same are derived, the date and nature of the instrument conferring such Place or Office, the term for which the same was granted, and if for life or lives, the names and ages of such lives, whether granted in possession or reversion, and, if in reversion, at what period first enjoyed by the present holder of such Place or Office."

Mr. Spring Rice

anticipated that the Motion, as now worded, would occasion considerable inconvenience, since it would induce the necessity of an application by letter to every individual to be named in the whole catalogue. To the principle of the Motion, Government was by no means hostile, but he would recommend that it should be so framed as to render it practicable to comply with the hon. Member's desire.

Mr. Goulburn

urged, that it would be difficult to accede to the proposition, inasmuch as no one could take upon him to decide what were nominal services and what were not.

Lord Althorp

advised the hon. Gentleman to withdraw his present Motion, and bring it forward in an amended form on a future day, when Government would agree to its adoption.

Mr. Warburton

recommended the hon. Member for Honiton to accede to the suggestion of the noble Lord.

Mr. Guest


Motion withdrawn.