HC Deb 21 February 1831 vol 2 cc778-9

MINUTES.) New Members sworn. Hon. J. S. WORTLEY, for Bossiney; and Sir W. HORNE, for Bletchingley.

A new Writ was ordered for Wigan, in the room of J. A. HODSON, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

The Committee appointed to inquire into the Election for the Town of Wexford reported, that WM. WIGRAM, esqwas not duly elected, and that Sir E. C. DERINO ought to have been returned. Clerk of the Crown ordered to amend the Return.

Bills. The Colonial Trade Bill was read a second time. Heritable Infeofments Bill was read a second time. The Exchequer Bills Bill was read a second time. A Bill to amend the 6th of his late Majesty (the Bankrupt Acts) brought in and read a first time. The Select Vestries Bill was read a second time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUGHES HUGHES, the particulars of all applications made to his Majesty's Commissioners, appointed by virtue of the Act 58 Geo. 3rd, c. 45. for building, and promoting the building, of additional Churches in populous parishes; for their assent to the building and endowing of Churches or Chapels, under the 3rd section of the Act of 7 and 8 Geo. 4th, c. 72, specifying those which have been complied with, and the conditions of compliance, and those which have been refused, with the grounds of refusal:—On the Motion of Mr. LAMB, the quantity of Sheep's and Lamb's Wool imported into Great Britain between 5th January, 1830, and 5lb January, 1831, specifying the Countries from which it came, the quantity that has paid a Duty of 1d. per pound, and the quantity that has paid a Duty of ½d. per pound; also, the quantity of foreign Wool which has been re-exported during the came period, and the Countries to which it has been sent, and the quantity remaining Warehoused under Bond on 1st January last; also, the quantity of British Sheep's and Lamb's Wool, exported from Great Britain between 5th January, 1S30, and 5th January, 1831, specifying the countries to which it has been sent; also, statement of the number of Houses in each City, Borough, and Town, in England and Wales, sending Members to Parliament, and the greatest number of Electors polled at any Election within the same, at any period during the last thirty years, so far as the same can be ascertained from the returning officers.

Petitions presented. Against the Tythe System, by Sir W. FOULKES, from Walsoken, and other places in Norfolk: —By Lord EBRINGTON, from the Agriculturists of South Moulton, and the Parish of Bradford, Devon. By the same noble Lord, from Navan, for the Repeal of the Vestries (Ireland) Act; from the Candle Makers of Plymouth, for a continuation of the License to make Candles; from Collumpton, complaining of the low rate of Wages in the Cloth Manufacture, and asking Relief. By Mr. HART DAVIS, from Bristol, against the alteration in the Timber Duties; and from the Ship-owners of the same place, for a Reduction of the Duties on West-India produce. By Mr. B. HOY, from the Isle of Wight, against the proposed Tax on Steam Vessels. For a General Fast, by Lord BERNARD, from Iver:—By Mr. A. DUNCOMBE, from East Retford. By Mr. SHAW, from the Bankers and Merchants of Dublin, praying that, whatever measure might be adopted for the Abolition of Negro Slavery, due regard might be had to existing interests; from the Calico Weavers of Dublin, praying for a Revision of the Duty on Cotton; from an individual named Hamilton, against the practice of Duelling; and from the Corporation of Smiths of the City of Dublin, praying that a Session of Parliament might be held in that City every third year. For the Abolition of Slavery, by Mr. JOHN WOOD, from Clithero, and various classes of Dissenters at Wigan. By Mr. S. RICE, from Limerick, against the Drawback on Soap; and from Carrobrow, against further Grants to the Kildare-street Society. For a Reform in Parliament, by Mr. BENETT, from Devizes:—By Mr. HODGES, from Bromley, Whitstable, and the Lathe of Aylesford, Kent; and from Leeds, Kent, praying for a Repeal of the Union with Ireland.