HC Deb 08 February 1831 vol 2 cc310-1
Mr. Hume

moved for a return of the number of persons enrolled to serve in the Militia, and the number exempted, in each county in Great Britain. He thought the whole system of the militia erroneous, and contended, that every man liable to be drawn for the militia ought to have a vote for Members of Parliament. The labour and time of many men con- stituted their only property, and they ought not to be disposed of without their own consent.

Mr. Hunt

gave notice, that if the elective franchise was not granted to persons liable to serve in the militia, he should move that they should be exempted from that service, and from paying taxes.

Lord Althorp

had no objection to the Motion, but it was impossible to have the return made out until after the ballot.

Motion agreed to.