HC Deb 07 February 1831 vol 2 c204

Bills. The London Bridge Approaches' Bill, and the Post Master General's Bill, were read a second time.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WOOD, the Amount paid in Assessed Taxes and House Duty, by the inhabitants of Grosvenor, Belgrave, and Euston Squares:—On the Motion of Mr. S. RICE, the nett Income of Great Britain and Ireland, after defraying the expenditure, and also interest of the National Debt; an account of the Balances in the Exchequer, and the additions to the Unfunded Debt, up to the year 1831; also an account of Exchequer Bills, issued in 1831, unprovided for; and other Returns relating to the Public Income and Expenditure; also the Sums payable by the East-India Company, up to the 5th of April, on account of half-pay to his Majesty's forces in their service.

Petitions presented. By Mr. C. CALVERT, from the Churchwardens and Householders of the parish of St. Wave's, Southwark, against the London Approaches' Bill. By the same hon. Member, from the same place, against the Duty on Sea-borne Coals:— By Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from Folkestone:—By Mr. CUEST, from a Parish in Devonshire:—By Sir J. JOHNSTONE, from Scarborough:—By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, from the Ward of Farringdon within:—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from Coleman-street Ward. By the same hon. Member, from the same place, against the Assessed Taxes:- By Mr. ASTELL, from Bridgeivater:—By Mr. SANDFORD, from Shepton-Mallett. By Sir E. KNATCHULL., from Sittingbourne, complaining of the distressed state of the country, and recommending the Government to take the causes of it into consideration. For a general Fast, by Mr. BRISCOZ, from Kichmond-on-Thames, most numerously and respectably signed. By Mr. HUNT, from the parish of St. John, Clerkenwell, against the Com-Laws; and from the inhabitants of Ashton-under-Line, in Lancashire, against the Truck-System. By Lord EBRINGTON, several Petitions against Colonial Slavery; from Tramore, in Waterford, against the Grant to the Kildare-street Society; and for the extension of the Galway Franchise, from Bohermore, Galuay:—By Mr. S. UICE, from a Parish of Galway. In favour of Reform, by the Marquis of TAVISTOCK, from the Dissenting Congregation of Harradon, in Bedfordshire: —By Mr. ADEANE, from the parish of St. Giles:— By Mr. POULETT THOMSON, from Folkestone:—By Lord HOWICK, from North Shields and Sunderland.

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