HC Deb 07 February 1831 vol 2 c209

Mr. Curteis, in rising to present a Petition from the Agriculturists in the neighbourhood of Lewes, said, he had seen with deep regret that Government had dealt with so much tenderness towards that enormous Civil List, which was the deep disgrace of the Government of the country. He hoped, however, that fertile subject of dissatisfaction would still be open to the consideration and examination of Parliament. The distress of the landed interests was very great; and he did not believe, that the hon. member for Middlesex, and other hon. Members, could shew any good reasons for the attacks they so frequently made on that interest. The hon. Member then presented a petition from 500 labourers, in the Rape of Chichester, and four other petitions from the county of Sussex, praying for a repeal of the Malt-duty

Mr. Hume

said, he had been accused of attacking the landed interest. He made no such attack. All he wanted of the land-owners was, that they should act honestly and justly, and relax in their demands for a continuance of their monopoly. As to the 500 labourers from whom the hon. Member had presented a petition, they would he more benefited by a repeal of the Corn-laws than by any other measure.

An hon. Member said, that if the fund-holders would take upon themselves the payment of the poor-rates, the farmers and land-owners would cheerfully concur in an alteration of the Corn-laws.

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