HC Deb 04 February 1831 vol 2 c139
Mr. Hughes Hughes

presented a Petition from several Clergymen, Incumbents of Bristol and its neighbourhood, praying that a bill might be introduced, giving a power to any two individuals, under the sanction of the Bishops, to build and endow churches. He concurred in the prayer of the petition, and in the necessity of giving every facility to build churches. The hon. Member also read an extract from the letter of a clergyman, saying that the parish in which he resided showed the necessity of some alteration. Though it contained 11,000 inhabitants, there was only one established church for the whole, and no seats for the poor. The restrictions under which the building of churches now laboured, were undermining the Church of England, and, if they were not removed, would lead to its overthrow.

Mr. Hart Davies

said a few words in favour of the petition, which was laid on the Table.