HC Deb 03 February 1831 vol 2 c126
Mr. Keith Douglas

rose to move for some papers, which, he understood, would be readily laid on the Table. The House would recollect, that on a petition being presented from the West-India Interest, complaining of great distress, and on a motion being made for a committee to inquire into it, his Majesty's Government thought that the question could be better examined by the Board of Trade than by a Committee of that House. The Government had accordingly undertaken to investigate the subject; and, after the investigation, to communicate to the House, at the earliest period, the resolution it had formed. The investigation had been carried to a considerable extent by the late Ministers, and it had been taken up and terminated by the present Ministers. He hoped, consequently, that the noble Lord, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, would find it convenient to state, at an early period, the general view which the Government was disposed to take of the case, now that the investigation was completed. He would not then say more, but move for copies of all Statements, Calculations, and Explanations which had been laid before the Board of Trade relative to the West-India Interest, since May 19, 1830.

Lord Althorp

wished to guard himself against its being supposed that he pledged himself to explain the views of the Government on West-India affairs at an early period. Guarding himself against that expectation, he had no objection to the Motion.

Returns ordered.