HC Deb 03 February 1831 vol 2 cc121-2

The SPEAKER acquainted the House that he had, agreeably to the Act of Parliament, issued his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown, to issue a New Writ for the Borough of Beaumaris, in the room of Sir ROBERT WILLIAMS, deceased.

Mr. HUNT, Sir H. HARDINOR, Lord WM. RUSSELL, Mr. TENYSON, Mr. JEFFERY, and Mr. PRAED, took the Oaths and their Scats.

New Writs. For the County of Kilkenny, in the room of Lord DUNCANNON, who had accepted the office of Chief Commissioner of Woods and Forests; and fur the Borough of Windsor, in the room of Sir H. VIVIAN, who had accepted the office of Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds, were moved for by Mr. ELLICK:—For Peehleshire, in the room of Sir J. MONTGOMERY, by Sir G. GLERK.

Notice was given by Mr. ELLICE, in the absence of the CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER, that his noble friend would, on the 10th of March, move that certain Papers, relative to Windsor castle and Buckingham Palace, should he referred to a Committee of the House; that he would also move to refer certain Papers relative to the Ridcau canal to a Committee; and on the 11th of February, would move for leave to bring in a Bill, for the more effectual prevention of Smuggling:—By Mr. HUNT, that he would, on March 3rd, move for a total Repeal of the Corn Laws: — By Mr. O'BRIEN, for leave to bring in a Bill on February 8th, to provide for the aged and infirm Poor of Ireland:—By Mr. Alderman Woon, that on the 22nd instant he would move for various Returns relative to Pensions and Salaries; and would also move for leave to bring in a Bill to prevent the spreading of Canine Madness:— By Mr. G. LAMB, that he would, on the 10th of March, move for leave to bring in a Bill, to amend the Law relative to vestries in Ireland; and on the 22nd of march he would bring the subject of the Grand Jury Lam in Ireland under the consideration of the House.

Bills brought in. By Mr. HOBHOUSE, for the better regulation of Select Vestries, and the management of Parish Accounts throughout England and Wales.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Lord MORPETH, of all kinds of Woollen Cloth, and Woollen Yarn Baizes and Carpets, exported from the 5th of January, 1829, up to the 5th of January, 1831.

Petitions presented. For the speedy abolition of Slavery, by Sir R. FRRSGUSON, three from persons in Scotland.—By Mr. DENISON, from Godalming. For the Repeal of the Assessed Taxes, by Mr. DENISON, from Christchurch, Surrey:- By Mr. HUMR, from the parishes of St. Ann, Westminster; St. Luke; and St. Philip and Jacob, Bristol: —By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, from the Inhabitants of the Ward of Comhill. Against the Truck System, by Mr. KENNEDY, from Ayr: —By Sir JOHN WROTTRSLEY, from the Mechanics and Shopkeepers of Wolverhampton. For Parliamentary Reform, by Lord GARLES, from the Inhabitants of the Borough of Wigton:—By Mr. JOHN CAMPBELL, from the Borough of St. Andrew's, and signed by a number of the Members of the University:— By Mr. KEMY, from Lewes. For the Repeal of the Duty on Coals, by Mr. N. CALVERT, from Hoddesdon:—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Ward of Cripplegate:—By Mr. Alderman ATKINS, from the Inhabitants of Arundel. By Lord MORPETH, from the Township of Sutton, in Yorkshire, for a reduction of Ministerial Salaries, and the abolition of Slavery; and from Nunmonckton.